Pefindo Biro Kredit Launches Id Fraud Products in Collaboration with Fis and Visionet Data International

JAKARTA, Main Director of Pefindo Biro Kredit (PBK), Yohanes Arts Abimanyu, observed that fraudulent activities in cyberspace are increasing which causes harm to society, financial institutions and affects Indonesia’s overall economic well-being. Financial institutions have a very important role in preventing acts of fraud (fraud), one of which is following the laws and regulations that the industry complies with.

Financial Institutions are also trying to detect and prevent these fraudulent activities, but it is not enough to just use data and information from internal sources, it is necessary to obtain additional information and data from external providers. PBK has moved to improve the ability to detect fraudulent activities by developing a service called Id Fraud which collects transaction data and information from several partners and members of PBK that can be used by Financial Institutions.

PBK has teamed up with FIS® (NYSE:FIS) and PT Visionet Data Internasional (VisioNet) to develop Id Fraud. FIS is a global leader in financial services technology ranking number 1 on Chartis for 7 years on their Risktech 100 report. VisioNet is a company that has been established since 2006 with a focus on Digital IT Managed Services that is able to provide End-to-End services for managing Hybrid Cloud infrastructure.

Kanv Pandit, Group Managing Director, APAC, Banking Solutions from FIS said that Id Fraud is supported by FIS’s Enterprise Fraud Management platform, Memento, which uses Adaptive Analytics, Deep Machine Learning, AI, Customer Profiling, Behavioral Rules and probabilistic models to identify fraudulent activity. suspicious and potential, which allows financial institutions to make quick and accurate decisions to prevent fraud in lending when customers open accounts.

Visionet provides the infrastructure for implementing the Memento system. “We are confident about the safety of IdFraud because it will be built specifically for Pefindo Biro Kredit,” said Sujanto Halim, Director of Visionet. The Visionet infrastructure is also supported by the “High Availability” and Disaster Recovery models, which means that there will be no single point of failure.

Through this partnership between PBK, FIS and Visionet, we are committed to helping financial institutions overcome fraudulent activities because there are more and more various financial frauds in Financial Services Institutions.


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