Cloud Backup : Cost-Effective Solution for Data Management

What is Cloud Backup?

Cloud Backup is a service solution that protects applications, data, and systems on a server securely. Its primary function is to restore company data in the event of a disaster such as computer hacking, theft, and other data loss risks, ensuring uninterrupted business activities.

This is crucial to prevent business data from errors that can occur on the main server, such as system errors, user errors, hacking, and other data loss risks, ensuring that the business continues to operate effectively and efficiently.

What Features Does it Have?

1. End-To-End Encryption

A special feature to secure data, allowing only the owner and designated recipients to access the data. This ensures that your data cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties.

2. Near Real-Time Replication

With Indonesian Cloud’s Cloud Backup, data replication to the cloud is done near real-time at the time of data loss events.

3. 24/7 Support Services

Cloud Backup by Indonesian Cloud provides 24/7 support services. Indonesian Cloud promptly assists you if there is a potential data loss at any time. Because disasters can happen anytime, anywhere.

4. Allows You to Choose the Last 24-Hour Restore Point

You can choose to restore data or a restore point within the last 24 hours. So if you are working on a task during that time frame, the data from that task will be secure.

What are the Benefits of Using Cloud Backup?

1. Larger Storage Capacity

As businesses in any field have a large amount of data that continues to grow every day, they require larger data backup capacities. Therefore, we recommend choosing Cloud Backup as the solution.

2. Time and Cost Efficiency

Large amounts of data require periodic maintenance, which not only consumes time but also incurs significant costs. However, with cloud backup, you don’t need to expend a lot of time and resources.

3. Operational Protection for Companies

In the event of a cyber threat or other security breaches, companies need not worry. Because the company can restore backed-up data from Cloud Backup, ensuring that customers can access services without knowing that there is a problem.

With the various features and benefits mentioned above, Cloud Backup is highly effective for business data management, allowing you to quickly and easily restore data. In the event of data loss, with cloud backup, you can quickly access and restore your data from a secure and protected location.

In addition to being effective, Cloud Backup is also a cost-effective solution for good data management. Instead of spending money to buy and manage local backup devices, Cloud Backup offers a more affordable and efficient solution.

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