3 Impacts Caused by Data Growth

Data is a source of innovation for businesses. Data can be used as a tool for decision-making. Therefore, data has now become an important aspect that needs to be owned and developed so that businesses can continue to innovate.

As technology usage evolves, the generated data also naturally grows. IDC once noted that the data generated worldwide in 2020 had reached 59 ZB (zettabyte; 1 billion TB). This growth is even said to have increased significantly, considering that in 2018, 33 ZB of data was produced. Not only that, IDC also predicts that the data generated in 2025 will reach 175 ZB. The data explosion is already on the horizon. Can you imagine what will happen next?

Several things may be experienced by various organizations when the data explosion occurs. In fact, research from Fudan University in China has suggested the possible impacts when data growth becomes more massive. Curious about what those impacts might be? Read more below:

Difficulty determining needed data

If previously businesses were able to find relevant and credible data for their development, in 2025 this will actually become difficult to do. This is because when a data explosion occurs, data stored both on computer systems and the internet will double every 12 hours. In fact, IDC says that 1.5 times the amount of data currently consumed will no longer be usable in 2025.

Difficulty sharing data

One of the goals of using computers is to make it easier for businesses to share data. However, if the generated data keeps increasing over time, this will make it difficult for businesses to share their data via computer networks to other media.

Imagine if this happens and you don’t have compatible data storage and technology, it will certainly make it difficult for businesses to grow and innovate. Therefore, before this hits your business, it’s a good idea to consider the right storage solutions for your business.

Difficulty in maintaining data consistency

One of the possible impacts when businesses experience a data explosion is the difficulty in maintaining data consistency. Researchers from Fudan University revealed that data inconsistency can be seen when we query the same object on different websites and get different results. Therefore, businesses will find it difficult to determine suitable data if the amount of data continues to grow every year.

From these various impacts, it can be understood that a data explosion can make it difficult for businesses to store and access data accurately. Moreover, businesses can also lose opportunities and benefits derived from assets and data they possess. As a business owner, you certainly don’t want that to happen to your business, do you? Instead of waiting for a data explosion to hit your business, it’s a good idea to consider adequate solutions and technologies to deal with the increasingly massive data growth.

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