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According to IDC (International Data Corporation) research, the biggest challenge that businesses face in executing their corporate strategy is focusing the right people and resources on strategic initiatives. Essentially, firms are looking to ensure that their talent is focused on core areas of their business while optimizing productivity.


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For more than 16 years, Visionet Data Internasional has helped various well-known clients, from local to multinational companies. Learn how our clients develop their business digitally with the latest technologies from VisioNet so that they can optimize the company’s performance to be more optimal. Digitize your business process with us. efficiently


Charton A. Kurniawan
Charton A. KurniawanPT BDO Bina Sewaka Dharma - Head of IT
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Visionet Data Internasional team provided satisfactory service during the seat management project in our company. Not only do they act as sales & give the right solution for us. But they also act as consultants, suggesting solutions that suit our expectations.

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Moch Sanawi
Moch SanawiPT Visionet International (OVO) - Senior Merchant Operation
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After we engaged Visionet Data Internasional's services for Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Terminal Maintenance, there are no longer any downtime, payment confirmation process runs faster without any problems. We are delighted with this improvement.

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Novelentino Mazda
Novelentino MazdaPT BNI Life Insurance - Procurement Dept. Head
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Notebook Rentals for Head office and other Peripherals IT Assets, such as Printers, at Visionet Data Internasional are not disappointing. Not only in terms of rental, but also maintenance and consultation regarding the latest equipment that suits our company's needs. Bravo VisioNet!

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Vidi Hayu Mahendra
Vidi Hayu MahendraVIU - Loyality & Retention Manager
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User complaints are one of our major concerns. For that, we are trying to improve our relationship by providing contact center system. With good problem solving from Visionet Data International, the implementation process for contact center service in our company runs smoothly and improves our response in handling user complaints.

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Handhika Wiguna Jahja
Handhika Wiguna JahjaShopee - Executive Director
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As a leading IT Managed Service company, VisioNet does an excellent job of maintaining Terminal Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Quick Response Code (QR Code), and Point of Sales Materials (POSM) in our company. Our operational system is now running faster with no downtime. Thank you, VisioNet.

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