Merchants IT Services

Merchant IT Services from PT Visionet Data Internasional a leading provider of IT managed services for the financial industry. A full range of store, office and restaurant payment solutions. Also assist in payment device managed services starting from providing the hardware, operational managed services (preventive maintenance, case management), back office support to deployment/roll out with real time reporting and systematized operation supported by current technology, best practice and experiences to ensure transparency, speed and data accuracy.

Our Products and Services are:


  • EDC (Verifone, PAX, Ingenico)
  • Contactless Reader / Dongle (PAX)
  • Pinpad (PAX, Verifone)
  • MPOS


Provide payment solution to enhance functionality of hardware

  • EDC as Payment Solution and Managed Services: We provide EDC hardware rental/sell include managed services to make sure EDC can be used properly. Managed services is supported by our FOMS business unit that includes corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, roll out, standby engineer, asset management, etc.
  • EDC White Label: Provides EDC multibank that can directly switch the transaction to participated bank. Managed services also included in this solution with settlement report to accommodate reporting to banks.
  • E-money Parking System: Provides payment solution for parking system using EDC and contact-less reader.
  • Mobile POS solution for multi finance and insurance industry as payment device for collection.

Managed Services:


Merchant Investigation: Provides system and resources to do merchant investigation for risk purpose




Merchant Analytics: Provides merchant analytics for customers so business decision can be created faster and accurate.




Asset Management: Provides asset management system and resources to do asset management so customer can have accurate asset data and asset movement.




OCC – Operation Control Center: We also provides operation control center to track Job Order (SLA) and Asset. Using our system linked with google map, we can have a reliable and accurate data.