Field Operation Managed Services

Supported by more than 2000 experienced technicians and engineers that has been certified by the internal standard of competence, Field Operation Managed Services of PT Visionet Data Internasional is one of the services we provide to help manage your assets and manage the SLA (Service Level Agreement) in your company. The IT devices that we manage are EDC, ATM, Printers, Servers, PCs, Networks (Reuter, Cisco, Switches and Access Points) as well as Satellite TVs, we have been managing more than 400,000 units with a commitment to achieve the SLA that has been agreed on.
Spread out over in 155 service points located in 150 cities and 34 provinces in Indonesia, with integrated business process, we can guarantee the quality that we provide to each of our customers. We have been working closely and trusted to handle companies such as Bank CIMB Niaga, Bank Mandiri, Maybank, Bank BNI, Bank BCA, Big TV and more.

Our Services are:

Field Services: provide engineers for managed services, starting from deployment, hardware maintenance (preventive maintenance, case maintenance),roll out device (EDC, ATM, PC, Printer, etc), to asset management, merchant investigation, merchant survey, and reporting in order to give end-to-end support to the customers.


Operation Control Center (OCC): Having the main duty to monitor the implementation of the Job Order and the availability of IT devices as well as follow up in order to achieve the Service Level agreed with the customer. We use Performance Dashboard, CRM, WhatsUp Gold, VidiaCare and Geo Tag Technician as our tools.



Warehouse: Utilizing QR-Code system to manage assets spreading across warehouse locations such as the headquarters, service points and customers throughout Indonesia, to help controlling the stock availability, asset tracking and asset tagging.



Workshop: Supported by people who have the competence in fixing IT devices such as PC/Notebook, Printer, EDC and ATM. Our process of fixing / improvement and Quality Control (QC) we do in accordance with the SLA that aims to improve the availability of our customer’s IT Devices.




Training Center: We also provide trainings with interactive methods for each of the new products as well as programs to increase the competency of our technicians on a regular basis so we will produce professional multi skill technicians. We have 3 Training Centers located in Jakarta, Medan and Surabaya.