Contact Center

In year 2006, Visionet starting the Contact Center business as Internal Services for Visionet Customers to provide support and maintenance and In Mid year 2013 was the beginning of engagement for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) initiative which provide Contact Center services as part of Visionet services within the group and external customers.

Using world class Contact Center technology and supported by experience human resources to support customer business demand for Contact Center Solution

State of the art technology that can provide one stop contact center solution with high availability and trustworthy support.

Service excellence both for client and end user. Niche workforce of over 200 people. We also make sure continuous improvement for quality of the people, process and system .

We can customize every program to meet our Client needs. All our is special. With various service, location, multi-channel and breakthrough engagement model “cost per call”.

Our Services

Inbound Service

Managing all inbound services transaction such as inquiry, request, complaint and sales through conventional and modern channel.



Outbound Service

Provide end-to-end productivity measurement reports starting from database assigned up to the final productivity result that can be generated in real time basis based on the categories required.



Helpdesk and Dispatch

A supplementary support to customer service to give out data record, control and monitoring issues or service inquiries.



Data Entry

Direct input of data in the appropriate fields of the database.